For Advisors

To be included in our service as an advisor, you need to be registered with either the SEC, State or Finra and have a completely clean ADV and/or U4. From there, the subscription fee is $995 per year per subscribed advisor, and once you subscribe you can input your profile. For more details, see our Terms


The subscription is a flat fee and our intent is to deliver to advisors at least one new client annually, and of course we will aim for many more. It is best described as “eharmony” for investors and advisors, as opposed to “”. Our goal is to get each investor their ideal advisor by asking both parties to share data about themselves, and our algorithm will match them based on the data. Neither party can search or peruse profiles, ergo the “eharmony” analogy.  

The system will actually tell the investor to hire a specific advisor, based on the programmatic match. We give up to six alternate advisors to the investor in case our preferred advisor is not chosen. Our approach avoids giving each party a long list to choose from requiring time and effort of both.

To get investors to register and be matched to an advisor, we author educational journalistic articles on a wide variety of financial topics, but uniquely through the lens of an advised relationship, without pandering to the advisory community. This content will be syndicated to major and minor media sites and all articles can also be found on our home page.