For Investors

MyPerfectFinancialAdvisor is a new service that intends to be the premier matchmaker between investors or consumers and their ideal financial advisor. We do this by using personalized data, artificial intelligence and deep industry expertise. 

The Service is FREE to investors! Our sole revenue source is from advisors who pay us a flat annual subscription fee of $995 per year.

Advisors must past our strict due diligence in order to participate. Each advisor must be licensed with one of the securities or advisory regulators and must have a pristine regulatory history. Even one accusation on public record will preclude an advisor from being in our system.

How the system works

Investors have a three-step process in order to be matched to their ideal advisor. The system matches you to an advisor that we believe is ideal for you based on our process. We do give you up to six alternate advisors in case you do not wish to hire our recommended advisor.

The three-step process

  1. We ask for your data. We learn a great deal about you such as assets, occupation, even your personality! (and we have learned similar information about our advisors, so we can make a match). We ideally want you to grant us permission to acquire some of this data directly from your institutions, but you can always complete forms if you wish!

  2. Our proprietary algorithm matches you. Using data, our matching formula, and deep industry expertise we match you to THE ideal financial advisor we believe you should hire. Of course, we give you additional advisors to choose from ranked by our fit order.

  3. Speak with your match. The next step is to contact our recommended advisor. If you prefer, you can have the advisor contact you. If you are uncomfortable with this next step, don’t worry, we will provide you with guides and questionnaires on how to interview and select your advisor.