The mission of MyPerfectFinancialAdvisor is to help families improve their lives by matching them to their ideal financial advisor. While we advocate for the use of an advisor, our highest duty of care is to the investor and we have a genuine interest in positively affecting their lives through the use of professional financial advice.

In order to educate investors, we write articles each day about all things financial, but through the lens of an advised relationship, without pandering to the advisory community. Part of that education is that indeed everyone can and should get a financial advisor and yes, in the hopes of some of our readers go to our free website to get matched to an advisor. You will find our articles on this website and over time on other websites and in publications large and small, niche and broad interest.

The genesis for this company is partly driven by the story of our founders’ parents. His father died of cancer at the age of 45, leaving six dependents. As a family they were unaware they were to be the product of both good advice and bad advice. Life insurance policies sold to his parents was the example of good advice. No advice, and the money running out sooner than necessary, was the example of bad advice. Back in the early 1970’s there were few advisors that took women seriously, let alone catered to the unique needs of a widow. Thankfully much has changed since then, but we still have a long way to go to help investors find the right advisor to help improve their lives.

Our goal is that our service will increase the frequency of good advice being acted upon and reduce the instances of bad advice being taken.